GARBAGE PERSON - The Last Minute

The Last Minute is the debut EP by Adam Raymonda's new solo project Garbage Person. Each song was written in direct response to a piece published on, and the whole album is being released as the magazine's 300th post on 01/05/2018


Adam Raymonda - Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards / Drums / Bass / Mandolin / Ukulele / Synthesiszer / Programming / Engineering / Production
Gabriella Ibacache - Cello / Clarinet
Additional lyrics were provided by Bob Raymonda and Gabriella Ibacacche on track 3 and Wendy O'Sullivan on track 5. 
Samples on tracks 1, 5, and 6 were pulled from episodes of Breadcrumbs Podcast, including the talents of Josh Rubino, Evan Cardona, Bob Raymonda, Christina Manolatos, Kelly Filios, and Shelby Lewis.